How long are the Bad Boy Strip shows?

When you book Bad Boy male strippers, the shows are 45 minutes to an hour long. The show length is also based on tipping and the level of involvement with the party guests. All shows include the famous Bad Boy Bachelorette Hot Seat. The more you tip, the longer our Bad Boys strip.

Engaging your bachelorette party guest with the entertainer is part of the show. Enhance the atmosphere and make things fun by encouraging your party guests to buy lap dances and other specialty items. When you need the strip show to last longer, chat with one of our expert party booking agents about what you envision. The agent will be able to customize your party package based on the duration you need and the number of exotic entertainers.

For example, in our Cabana Bad Boys party package, Male Butlers or Hot Bartenders are always booked for longer than an hour to ensure you have maximum time with the entertainers.

Please note that all our Bad Boys bring special adult entertainment packages that range from PG-rated to wild. We highly recommend that your bachelorette party guests have plenty of cash to tip. Our male entertainers bring $ 1's to change out to make things easy during the performance. Special party packages like these are an option for those who want longer shows.

Bad Boy Party Tip: Please remember that the male entertainers are there based on their discretion. If you have that one guest who is upsetting the dancers, disrespectful, or taking pictures without permission, the male dancers have the right to leave without reimbursement. We understand it is a party, and things can get wild. However, during the strip performance time, please have everyone be respectful so that you can enjoy a longer strip show. We want to stay and have fun.

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