Posted on 24th July, 2022

How to Tip a Stripper

There's just one answer when it comes to stripper tipping. When planning a bachelorette party, you better ensure every girl has $100 in one-dollar bills. Our Bad Boys will continue stripping as long as you keep on tipping. Our sexy male strippers really enjoy entertaining and having a wild time. They simply love it when you make it rain because it's fun, naughty, and exciting. Tipping strippers at your bachelorette party, it's a sure recipe for quality entertainment.

  1. How much should you tip a male stripper? Well, that's actually an often-asked question. The best possible way to prepare for bachelorette party stripers is, obviously, to have plenty of cash. Tipping a stripper is not very difficult. The best approach to figuring out how much money to bring is to treat the event like going to a strip club. Tipping strippers is essential since it's a sure way to make our Bad Boys give their all.
  2. How much money do you usually bring to the strip club? Wait! Scratch that one because the answer is quite simple: each girl has $100 prepared in $1 bills, especially set aside for stripper tips. Still, just because you each brought $100 does not imply you have to tip the entire amount all at once. There is the champagne room madness and the tip train, exactly how you would find it at a strip club. The champagne room's significance should be no mystery to you, ladies. It is essentially a VIP area where you can enjoy a private dance from one of our steamy Bad Boys.
  3. Can you actually touch strippers while in the champagne room? Of course! Because our naughty Bad Boys enjoy performing for you, it's best to let them dance and go with the flow. It's completely acceptable for your best friend to tip merely $1 inside their garments. On the other hand, the other girls may want to visit the champagne room for something more exciting.

Champagne room meaning at a bachelorette party?

It's a special private dance going on in one of the mansions or hotel rooms, and it's quite a lot of fun because you're no longer with the other girls. There's only you and our exotic male dancer.

  1. How do you approach a male stripper?Our male entertainers can do precisely what you like, but if you have any other suggestions, it's best to let them know. This champagne room, exactly like a club, has an additional fee - but you better be sure that while it is not free, it's well worth it. It's also advisable to maintain all champagne room negotiations between you and the male strippers.
  2. How much do male strippers charge? Your agent, well - in this case, myself, prefers not to be involved because a champagne room access in a club can cost anywhere between $100 and $500, depending on what and how many male strippers are involved. The Ultimate Bachelorette Experience follows the same rule. When you call my agency now, we will give you the best deal on our top Bachelorette Party packages.

Where to find a male stripper?

You can book male strippers from Bad Boy Strip, the leading adult entertainment agency. We reward our Bad Boys, who are simply the best in the bachelorette party industry.

And if you've ever wondered where all the money goes, here are a few examples to help you figure it out: there are party activities that are picked out specifically for you, where the guys go out and buy everything to make it the wildest party ever, things like whipped cream, lotion, whips, leather, laces, candles, hot garments, cherries and so much more.

Let's not forget the agency fee, which is paid directly to your agent to find you the best and most skilled dancers from our vast catalog of Bad Boys. They will be punctual, they will be sexy and entertaining, but most importantly, they'll be pros. Contact us right now to select from a large variety of male dancers and hot male entertainers.