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When you submit to get a quote you will be greeted with a Bachelorette Party Expert who will customize your party package.


Pick you Bad Boy from our private portfolios

Receive a private portfolio of Bad Boy Talent. We have real photos of real boys.

Pick a Theme Costume

Our Bad Boys have a wide variety of theme costumes. You can put in your request during the booking process. Police Officers, Firefighters, Army Guys, Pizza Delivery, Cowboys, and Sexy Doctors are some ideas. The Bad Boys will arrive in themed costumes to surprise your guests and start the show. If you want a particular costume, you can always order it from Amazon. We will get his size and either ship it to our office or have it ready for him before arrival.

Adult Party Games

Bad Boy male dancers bring a variety of adult party games to keep the party guests entertained. Party games range from mild to wild. Each Bad Boy is unique and offers his own adult party games. Party games range from body shots, to whipped cream, lap dances, to Pin-the-Tail and fantasy shows. It is all adult fun.

Camera & Pictures

Ladies, there will be a time during the show when the Bad Boy will open it up for group pictures. This is when you can get your Instagrammable shots with our Bad Boys. Please ask if he would like to be in the pictures. We would love to be tagged in any of the photos @badboy_strip


We recommend having cash for the balance due for the male dancers. To make it easy, put cash in a sealed envelope so you can hand it to him discreetly. You can meet him outside prior to coming in to surprise your guests. This way, he can get paid for his services upfront, you can give him any last pointers or hints about the guests, then start his show with a mind-blowing gyration.

Tipping the Bad Boys

Bad Boys do some amazing things when you hide those dollars on your bachelorette during the bachelorette hot seat. The Bad Boys will have a choreographed dance routine and party games selected that require tipping and level of engagement. We recommend each guest have $20-$88 in tips to contribute to the show, to buy party games and tip his gyrating G-String.

Changing Area

The Bad Boys need an area to put their dancer bag. This can be a room or a corner in the house. They typically strip out of their theme costume down to a G-string in layers. If they need to change into a different costume, they will need a room to change in.

Be a Good Hostess to the Bad Boys

Ladies, let's agree to be a good hostess. The Bad Boys work long hours. Sometimes, they run out of time to grab a drink or bite to eat. They want to make you happy and get to your show on time. A good hostess will offer the Bad Boys water or soda to drink at the beginning of the show. After all, it is hot out, and it is about to get hotter inside with his show. Cold water or soda will be a kind gesture to help keep your Bad Boy thirst quenched.

Sometimes, a Bad Boy gets hungry. This is not required, but we wanted to give you this suggestion. If you have food at your party, we suggest fixing them with a small plate to snack on after the show. By using a small plate, you can control the portions of the food you offer. The Bad Boy can mingle with the guests after the show while he snacks or at least has a snack for the road. This gesture is always appreciated by the Bad Boys.

Speaker & Dancer Music

Bad Boys always bring a fully charged speaker for their dance music to start the show. They have songs to get the party energized. Sometimes, they may choose to dance to your music, especially if you have some killer tunes on. Each male dancer is unique and starts their show a little differently. Inside Tip: On busy nights, a dancer's speaker might lose its charge, which is upsetting when that happens. If the Bad Boy has to use your speakers for music, help him find the Bluetooth connection easily so we can get on with the show. Thanks for being a good party-planning hostess.

Male & Female Strippers for the Bachelorette Party

When you want to book a female stripper to work with our Bad Boys, please let your booking agent know ahead of time. Our Bad Boys work with the Bad Girls at Bad Girl Productions. We can orchestrate an amazing show when all the talent knows one another.

Guys at the Party

Please let our booking agents know if there will be guys at the party, if it is CoEd, or if it is LGBTQ. This will help us set proper expectations with the Bad Boy strippers. We will also be able to recommend male dancers who perform well with other guys in the room.

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