If you’re into strong, bossy men who also have a hot spot for bachelorette parties, Bad Boy Strip’s sexy police officer strippers are your answer.

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Especially if he is all buffed up at the gym, and his uniform is one of those sexy, easy-to-take-off types? Girls, for these hot male entertainers, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been good or bad. They will cuff you up and sweep you off your feet anyway. The bachelorette will be the prime suspect in this party, and our sexy police officers pledge to:

  • serve and protect the bachelorette and all her guests for a sizzling hot party
  • to be loyal and true to all attendees and keep them entertained
  • be vigilant to honor all requests and needs of the bachelorette
  • perform an almost illegally hot strip show

Sexy Policeman Strippers for Your Bachelorette Party

Where are the hottest police officers? At your bachelorette party! Girls, we all love hot men in uniform. What do you need for your bachelorette party to put all your girls on fire? A super-hot man stripping off his sexy police costume that will:

  • blow your minds no matter if you‘ve been good or bad
  • interrogate the bachelorette in the hottest way
  • perform an almost illegally hot strip show

Bad Boy Strip provides the hottest sexy policeman strippers in your town. Choose your favorite policeman strippers and get ready to be interrogated by them. Give us a call and book the insanely hot policemen to turn your regular party into a memorable one. You can book our sexy police officers in the following cities:

Our Bachelorette Groups Having Fun With Our Policeman Strippers

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

We booked the Ultimate Bachelorette package and we're not disappointed. It was the best day of our lives. The bachelorette had a lot of fun and the strippers were amazing. Thank you, Liz!

Betty B.

A Night to Remember

We called Liz to help us plan an epic bachelorette party and she recommended us the ultimate package. We rented a hotel suite and booked a couple of strippers. It was simply amazing.

Linda A.

Great Service!

I have nothing but positive reviews for Bad Boy Strip. The booking process was smooth, and the Bad Boy we booked was unbelievable. I have to say, Bad Boy Strip is the gold standard.

Linda P.

Great Bachelorette Party

Hi, I just had an amazing experience with Bad Boy Strip inside a huge party bus. So, we went out and had a great time, and we've seen some nice moves from the boys. I just had a blast.

Danielle P.

Best party ever!

My sister's surprise bachelorette party turned out to be the bomb! All 8 girls in our group had so much fun and the guys were just super nice and made our party memorable. I recommend Bad Boy Strip!

Lizzie S.

Incredible experience

I just wanted to say how incredible our experience was! The boys were sexy and professional. We had a little issue with parking at first and they were super understanding and easy to work with.

Alicia G.
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