Bad Boy Strip Tips for Canadians

1 Is a Bachelorette Party the same thing as a Hen Party?

Yes. A hen party is a bachelorette party in America. A celebration with women only, typically before the wedding.

2 Can we book strippers for a Stag and Doe party?

Please let your booking agent know if the party will be COED. Most Bad Boy Strippers DO NOT perform at COED parties.

3 Can we use eTransfers to pay for the strippers in the US?

Unfortunately, the American banks will not accept eTransfers from Canadian banks. Please get US Cash prior to the stripper’s arrival. Please go to the ATM or Bank when you arrive in the United States.

4 Can we use eTransfers to tip the strippers?

Unfortunately, no. Male strippers cannot accept eTransfers from Canadian Banks. The American banks do not accept eTransfers. Please get US Cash prior to your party for tipping.

5 Can we tip and pay for the strippers with Canadian dollars?

We love the colorful Canadian money. However, Bad Boys prefer American cash. Please go to your bank in Canada or a US bank for currency exchange. US Cash is best when tipping American Male Strippers.

6 Can we use our credit cards to tip the strippers?

The male strippers do not have the ability to accept credit cards at this time. Please get US Cash prior to the strippers’ arrival.

7 How far will American male strippers go?

The Bad Boys arrive in a chosen theme, such as: firefighter, cop, army, pizza delivery, cable guy, or Astro-naughty. They put the bachelorette in the Hot Seat. All Bad Boys strip down to a G-String only. They work off tips for lap dances and party games.

8 Can we pre-pay for lap dances and party games?

The agency cannot collect money for lap dances and party games. It is best to get the ladies cash together prior to the stripper’s performance. The better option is to tip as you go. Just chat with the Bad Boy about what his lap dances and party packages cost.

9 Can we get a show just for the bachelorette?

The Bad Boys shows are designed to give the bachelorette attention during the Hot Seat. Then he is available for lap dances and party games for the rest of the party. This is best when all the ladies at the party participate and tip the dancer. It makes for a great time.

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