Posted on 31st October, 2022

Must-Haves for a Post-wedding Wifelorette Party

Your bestie tied the knot and didn't get to enjoy her bachelorette party. Now what? If her plans were derailed and she couldn't have that unforgettable bride-to-be party experience, know that it's not too late to make her feel like a special Wife of the Party!

Yes, you heard that right. Many couples in the U.S. had to postpone their wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of them probably didn't get to throw their dream bachelorette party.

Life is short; you can't afford your dear ones to live with regrets. And now that the pressure of the wedding is gone, you have all the time and freedom you need to plan the ultimate Wifelorette party.

Call your galls and plan a post-wedding Wifelorette party for your best friend to let her know you're there for her even though you didn't get to "kiss the Miss goodbye."

And because we want to make the planning process easier for you, here are some must-haves to make your friend Wifelorette happy for her post-wedding bash.

Wifelorette party-friendly accommodation

Even if you plan on partying for a whole week, going club crawling, having a spa day, or a fun wine-tasting tour, you need to consider renting a cool place where you can anchor your Wifelorette party. Think about it as your celebration's base or your second home, but without chores and party-friendly (you'll have no neighbors to exasperate).

You'll need a place that can hold all your guests and drinks and is preferably equipped with a pool where you can take a swim and have some handsome cabana boys pamper you and pour your drinks.

The wife of the party can show off her bash-themed swimsuit, take lots of pictures with her besties, and have relaxing and meaningful conversations with her beloved guests.

You girls can catch up on the latest gossip and get groovy on your favorite music. No one will interrupt your Wifelorette party in a private mansion or hotel suite.

Custom Wifelorette party decorations

Themed celebrations bring more fun to the table and make the occasion Instagramable and worth bragging about. And a trendy and unique Wifellorette party calls for customized party supplies and memorable decorations.

Instead of "Wife-to-be" and "Team Bride" banners, you'll need to get a "Wife of the party" banner. You can also get creative with custom-made shirts, Wifelorette party sashes, drink pouches, and fanny packs.

Custom beanies and coffee mugs might be a great choice if you throw the bash in the fall and winter seasons. Confetti balloons are fun to pop and go well with any season and theme.

If you want more of a wellness retreat type of party, you can customize your yoga shirts with fun messages such as "Keep calm and do yoga" or get custom water bottles and scented candles. The options are limitless.

So don't hesitate to contact your besties and decide together on a color palette, a Wifelorette party theme, and the kind of supplies that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing for this special occasion.

Luxury transportation for the Wifelorette party crew

Maybe your Wifelorette friend had the chance to travel in style with a fancy limousine for her wedding. But I bet she didn't get to roll with her besties in a party bus. Surprise her!

Make her Wifelorette celebration unforgettable with a party on wheels. You can rent a luxurious and spacious party bus, bring in the party balloons and drinks, and enjoy the leathered seats, disco lights, and incorporated sound system.

Want to take your gals to the spa? A fancy wine-tasting tour in Temecula Valley? Clubbing? The relaxation can start right on the road.

The designated chauffeur will do the driving while your Wifelorette party crew can enjoy any alcoholic beverages and snacks you want.

Rent the perfect party bus for your Wifelorette party needs in San Diego, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Miami, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Austin

Costumed Bad Boy Entertainers

Yes, your Wifelorette friend is already married to the man of her dreams, but a hot Bad Boy shouldn't pose a threat to her love life. Besides, an illegally sexy police officer or a steaming hot firefighter will keep all the guests entertained, not just the wife of the party.

A little fantasy will do no harm, and your married friend can still enjoy a bit of flirtatious attention from other men.

You can hire Bad Boys to spice up the Wifelorette party, depending on your preference:

But if you are still unsure if an attractive male stripper is what your Wifelorette party needs, feel free to call your wife bestie and negotiate how wild you want this post-wedding bash to be.

Wifelorette Brunch + Hot Butler

Don't forget to add brunch to your Wifelorette party itinerary. It's an essential part of the celebration as it allows you, ladies, to sit down at a table and have meaningful and relaxing conversations. And, of course, you don't want to party and drink on an empty stomach.

You can choose from the many great eateries in Phoenix, San Diego, Miami, or wherever you throw your Wifellorette party. Or you can have your meal back at your rental, where handsome Bad Boy butlers can serve it and make you feel pampered (they'll make you want to gobble them up too).

And besides having your brunch served by eye candy Bad Boys wearing just pants and a bow tie, you can sit back and enjoy their party host skills, their courteous and attentive service, and, why not, an exotic, sensual performance.

Remember that this Wifelorette party is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and your friend deserves the best party experience to compensate for her bash plans being postponed.