Posted on 16th April, 2024

Bachelorette Party Planning With Bride Vibe Yoga and Bad Boys

When you are tasked with planning a surprise party for your bestie, we know exactly what you need. Your group of gals needs a bachelorette party that is both fun-packed and relaxing.

That's where Bride Vibe Yoga and Bad Boys come into play. Your bachelorette party destination will set the tone of your itinerary, so this should be the first thing to discuss with your besties.

After all the wedding planning stress, why don't you take your bride squad to a sunny destination and make it a weekend getaway?

Slowing down through a yoga session in the backyard of your rental will add a dollop of well-deserved rejuvenation for your bachelorette getaway. It is the perfect way to reap the benefits of yoga and bond with your besties.

Pool Party with Yoga and Mimosas

Although it may seem daunting, planning a bachelorette party can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Here's our suggestion:

  1. Rent a vacation rental with a pool
  2. Book Bride Vibe Yoga
  3. Add a Bad Boy to elevate the experience

Whatever you have on your bachelorette party agenda, a private yoga session followed by Mimosas mixed by a super sexy bartender is wholesome fun.

Order matching swimsuits, hats, sunglasses, and flip-flops for the bride's squad. It's not only fun, but it will also make your pictures pop on Insta!

Bachelorette Party Yoga Sessions

Every bachelorette party agenda needs some downtime to recharge for more fun. Hiring a private yoga instructor instead of going to a studio allows you to tailor the session to your group's experience level.

The perks of hiring Bride Vibe Yoga for your bachelorette party:

  • they will bring the yoga mats
  • they bring delicious mimosas to keep the bachelorette yoga session even more enjoyable
  • you'll get your private yoga instructor right at your place
  • they will bring speakers, a custom playlist, and soft lavender towels

So don't hesitate to book a bachelorette yoga session in fun party destinations such as San Diego, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Palm Springs.

Bachelorette Party Entertainment

Now that you are entirely recharged, it's time for some sexy fun. Have some eye candy, Bad Boys, to turn the heat on. You deserve to be at the center of attention, and nothing will make your best friend feel like the queen of the day more than our bachelorette party sexy trio:

And the good news is that you'll choose the Bad Boys for your bachelorette party entertainment. Get an idea of the type of male party entertainers your best friend likes and book the best fit for a sexy treat.

Party Pro Tip: it's cool to surprise the bride-to-be, but let all the other guests know you booked Bad Boys so they can prepare for the fun.