We know that some of you ladies have this sexy cowboy fantasy, and let‘s be honest; who doesn’t love a sexy Bad Boy dressed as a cowboy from the Wild West? Especially if he’s wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and those awesome cowboy boots, so you can admire his perfectly sculpted abs.

Our hot male exotic dancers will come to your party, put on a country-style costume, and give you a wild show, wilder than the old Wild West.

Ladies, these sexy cowboy strippers will surely sweep you off your feet with their impressive moves. If you have a fantasy for these rugged cowboys, our Bad Boys will make sure to:

  • come dressed up in an authentic cowboy costume
  • sweep you off your feet with their lasso-spinning skills
  • perform a mind-blowing country-style strip show

Yes, Bad Boy Strip has the most skillful Bad Boy cowboys that will put their backs into it to provide the best country-style bachelorette party ever. You can book our sexy cowboy strippers in the following cities:

Male strippers wearing and stripping out of cowboy costumes are the ideal party entertainment for themed bachelorette parties, such as the Last Rodeo theme, or as a surprise for brides-to-be who you know would love to fulfill a harmless naughty fantasy. Contact us to book your sexy cowboy hunk!

Our Bachelorette Groups Having Fun With Our Male Strippers

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

We booked the Ultimate Bachelorette package and we're not disappointed. It was the best day of our lives. The bachelorette had a lot of fun and the strippers were amazing. Thank you, Liz!

Betty B.

Great Bachelorette Party

Hi, I just had an amazing experience with Bad Boy Strip inside a huge party bus. So, we went out and had a great time, and we've seen some nice moves from the boys. I just had a blast.

Danielle P.
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