Posted on 12th April, 2018

What to Do on a Party Bus

When booking a party bus, you can make use of a wide, customizable space that can be as promiscuous and enjoyable, and fun as you want it to be, and it gets you everywhere you want.

A party on a bus can be one of the most exciting ways to celebrate any special occasion, such as:

Party on a Luxury Party Bus

Moreover, where else can your group of adventurous ladies party in complete luxury and intimacy while sightseeing? It is the best way your group can create a 5-hour nightlife alternative at a lower cost than a regular girls' night out.

A deluxe party bus provides all the proper tools for an epic party:

  • a large TV with DVD player
  • state-of-the-art sound system
  • leather couches
  • fully stocked minibar
  • karaoke, and disco lights

What Can Your Party Group Do on A Party Bus

If you ever wondered what is there to do on the party bus for 5 hours, here's an inside scoop: as you may already know, we can plan a bachelorette party or any other party on a party bus in several locations, including:

In the first hour, we pick each of your besties, set up all your favorite tunes, and fill the party bus coolers with your favorite drinks. Then the party it is on.

You're welcome to enjoy the awesome laser lights and take all sorts of Insta-worthy selfies. We recommend that you do this before our Bad Boys hop on the bus.

Quality Adult Entertainment Bad Boy Style

Once our male entertainers arrive, it's time to relax and enjoy their dance routines. They have various naughty elements and packages in store to build a customized experience for your group - but only if you are ready to party wild!

Don't forget that Bad Boys work off tips, so it would be if you have $100 in $ 1s, although it's not necessarily required to tip all of that amount.

Sexy games like Illegal Seach and Seizure, not to mention our own bachelorette hot seat, await ...they are naughty and fun, a wild and entertaining time you can benefit from without going to a strip club.

After the exotic dancers end their show, your group of ladies can have a shot drinking contest while the party bus takes you to your favorite nightclub to dance the night away. You can leave your drinks on board and enjoy your time, as the driver will exclusively wait for you. The last hour of the adventure is dedicated to returning to your accommodation - if enough time, you can also experience a nice stroll through the city.

Bad Boy Party Bus Sample Itinerary

Spending lots of money in a strip club is one thing, but renting a luxury party bus and two of our hot Bad Boys is definitely the next level. Here's our sample itinerary:

  • Pick up 9:30 PM
  • Load on the bus
  • Get settled
  • Pick up Bad Boys 10 PM or 10:30 PM
  • Bad Boys Show for an hour
  • Get dropped off at a nightclub at approximately 11:30 PM
  • Either bar or club hop 11:30-1:30

At 2 AM, get back on the party bus and enjoy a fun drive to home. PS: don't forget that the party bus drivers also work off tips. We will handle absolutely everything from entertainment to how you'll get from here to there safely, so contact us now and experience the most epic night of all.