7th November, 2022

Fun and Hot Ideas for Drinksgiving

Fun and Hot Ideas for Drinksgiving

Drinksgiving is almost here, and you can't miss this opportunity to gather the ladies, relax and unwind.

And if you don't have the time to come up with Thanksgiving party or activity ideas, we are always down to help you have the best and sexiest parties with as little effort as possible.

When was the last time you had a blast with the besties? If you can't remember, you should keep the night before Thanksgiving free for pampering, drinking delicious wine, and enjoying some eye candy male strippers with your gals.

Do we have to mention that hitting the club is not enough? Drinksgiving is a unique celebration that happens once a year, so don't be afraid to party hard and do something special with the gals.

Check out the party ideas we prepared for a fun and hot Drinksgiving, and don't hesitate to choose what best suits your party group's tastes.

Drinksgiving fun on wheels

Have you ever celebrated Thanksgiving Eve on a party bus? Before stuffing, turkey and pumpkin pies, you and your friends can enjoy a ride in a luxurious limo or spacious party bus.

Whether you want to see a Thanksgiving Eve parade, have a spa day, go to a fancy restaurant or just let the chauffeur drive you through the city while you sip on a cocktail and relax with the girls, booking a party bus for Drinksgiving can be a fun and unique way to party.

We recommend booking a party bus ahead of time to ensure you find what your group needs, as the day before Thanksgiving is a busy time.

Depending on your Drinksgiving party group size and city, you can choose party buses that accommodate between 12 and 30 people.

But booking beforehand will make selecting the amenities you would like for the party bus easier as you will have more options available.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Tour for Drinksgiving

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or love drinking and releasing some tension with your closest friends, touring the finest wineries in your city, this Drinksgiving will be a hard-to-forget experience. To drink and travel safely, you can hop on the party bus or limo you book and enjoy the four hours long wine tour.

A hassle-free wine tour is what you deserve for the day before Thanksgiving, so we recommend visiting some of the best wineries in the following cities:

  • Austin - Hawk's Shadow Winery, Bent Oak Winery, Blurred Vines, or The Austin Winery
  • Los Angeles - San Antonio Winery, Cobblestone Vineyards, or Angeleno Wine Company
  • Miami - Clementine's Wine Gourmet, Abaco Wines & Wine Bar, or Masso Estate Winery
  • Palm Springs - Middle Ridge Winery, Palm Springs Wine Tasting, Danza del Sol Winery, or Total Wine & More
  • Phoenix & Scottsdale - Carlson Creek Vineyard, LDV Winery, Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room, or Desert Rock Winery & Distillery
  • San Diego - Lorenzi Estate Vineyards & Winery, Cordiano Winery, Bernardo Winery, or Orfila Vineyards & Winery

Drinksgiving sexy male entertainers

After four hours of tasting exquisite wine with the gals, you might want to return to your house or party rental to take a break. But even so, the fun can still go on with some Bad Boy hunks pampering you and heating the atmosphere.

If you have never considered enjoying some male entertainers for Drinksgiving, now is the time to try something new and provocative. Our Bad Boys can pour you some non-alcoholic drinks to help you ladies stay hydrated after a wine-tasting tour, give you a light massage, and keep the group entertained.

And if you want to go wild, you can book some of our male strippers and fulfill your hottest fantasies for Drinksgiving. Our Bad Boys are experienced party entertainers who have blown thousands of minds with sensual and powerful moves.

We have Drinksgiving party entertainers for every taste, and the most popular themed strippers are:

Other fun Drinksgiving celebrating ideas

The point of Drinksgiving is to gather your friends and spend some relaxing time together to prepare for the not-always-stress-free Thanksgiving family dinner. And besides visiting the best wineries near you, having fun in a party bus, and enjoying a hot exotic show, there are more fun ways of celebrating this occasion with the ladies.

November is not the best season for a pool party, but it is a great time for you to admire the autumnal foliage, host a potluck Friendsgiving dinner, or build a bonfire in the backyard.

You can also get the girls on the party bus and spend a tranquil day at the spa, visit antique shops, a local pumpkin patch, join a Turkey Trot or plan a fall-inspired picnic.

No matter how you spend this year's Drinksgiving, know that our party planning agency works with the best vendors and party entertainers and knows the most popular places where your group can have a fantastic time. Don't hesitate to contact us to help you plan your Drinksgiving celebration.

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