Can the party male stripper be a surprise?

We love to be involved in surprise bachelorette parties. Book our naughty male strippers as a special surprise for your bachelorette party's guest of honor. It's one of the most delicious ways to send your bestie to married life in style. It's a surprise she won't forget; that's a Bad Boy guarantee.

Our male entertainers will put your bride-to-be friend in the hot seat, a great way to offer your bestie a fun surprise. Ask our agents about our Bachelorette Hazing and Hot Seat Specials. We don't have the experience of hundreds of bachelorette parties for nothing. We understand all the ins and outs of these events and know how to offer a perfectly set surprise for the bride-to-be. Moreover, you can also book surprise male entertainers for birthday parties or other fun events.

Bad Boy Strip Party Tips:

  • Make sure the male entertainers are not a surprise for everyone else at the party. Let the other guests know so they are prepared for the fun.
  • Let your party guests know to come prepared with some tip money for the Bad Boys. Ensure you ask our booking agents about the Tip Rule.
  • Get an idea of the type of dancer your bride-to-be friend likes. Go through our private portfolio of male entertainers and select the best fit for a memorable special surprise.

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