What to do if my guests are shy?

Bad Boy Strip has professional male entertainers who can put up a show in front of any party crowd. Your shy party guests will surely warm up to the Bad Boys after they see how friendly and nice they are when they arrive.

But if one of your guests is really shy and you want to get them out of their comfort zone, one good way to do that is to put them in the Hot Seat. They will get all the attention. You load them up with ones, and the entertainers will play "illegal search and seizure' looking for the dollars. You'll see it helps when people cheer and clap to ensure the shy person is comfortable.

Another way to involve your shy guests more is to pass out dollars for them to tip the male strippers. This method usually helps shy people get more comfortable with the male strippers at the party. Let them tip the Bad Boys and see that they don't bite. It also helps to ensure participation on their own terms.

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