Is there a maximum or minimum number of guests allowed?

We book our Bad Boys for bachelorette parties of 3 or more guests. The more ladies, the better. Most bachelorette parties, on average, are 12 ladies. 

The maximum number of party guests is 50 people. Such a large group takes a lot to control for our dancer's safety. Let us know if you will have 50 or more guests at your party so we can plan accordingly. We recommend booking more male dancers to keep such a large party group entertained. The Bad Boy dancers may bring security to manage crowd control and production during their performance.

Chartering a yacht or renting a party bus: When booking one of our charter vehicles, such as a yacht, pontoon, party bus, or limo, we have different sizes for different sizes of party groups. We can offer party buses that can hold up to 45 party guests and limousines that can hold 8. As soon as you know the size of your party group, don't hesitate to contact us to plan your fantastic party bus excursion.

Call us for pricing and details for any size party group.

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