Is it okay if my bachelorette party is Coed?

Yes, having a bachelorette Coed party is okay, but please let our party planners know if both ladies and guys will attend.

While we love parties with both men and women, most of our male strippers and party entertainers do not perform at Coed bachelorette parties. Contact our agents, and they will help you select Bad Boys who love to perform and engage all of your guests, gals, and guys.

Party Tip: When booking a bachelorette party, please refrain from booking male strippers from other agencies to the party. That's a major party foul and can ruin the mood. It is not cool for our Bad Boys to show up and find other male exotic dancers there. Our strippers may get upset and can't put on a good show.

Avoid creating a lot of unnecessary stress for our male exotic dancers and your guests. Our party booking agents are happy to go over this in more detail. Remember: Only book male strippers for your party with one agency.

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