How to have your bachelorette party and not break noise ordinances?

Yes, having to subscribe to noise ordinances is a total bummer. But do not worry, everything will be fine. Our male entertainers are relatively quiet. They play music during the strip show, but it's through a Bluetooth speaker.

We recommend you keep the windows closed while the male entertainers are there. If you have a 10 PM curfew, we suggest booking male entertainers anytime before 8 PM. You can also book bartenders, a nice cabana boys crew, or themed male strippers anytime during the day.

If the timing does not work out, have fun with some male entertainers on a luxury party bus. The bus will get your bachelorette crew out on the town. You'll be able to play the music as loud as you wish, and the male strippers will be on the bus helping you break no-sound ordinances at home.

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