What to do when Airbnbs reject your bachelorette party?

Bach parties can cause quite a commotion. That's why many owners or property managers hesitate to rent to people who want to throw a party. You can imagine no one wants to see their house thrashed by many parties.

However, we know most bachelorette party groups these days are mindful people who will be respectful and treat the property with care as if it were their own. If your group of friends is a nice crew of working professionals looking to spend a fun weekend together, you can kind of ignore the "no bach parties" rule.

But please inform the property owners, hosts, or managers that you want to stay in their house with your friends. If you are comfortable, you can even let them know your itinerary - such as if you plan on booking a pontoon boat, winery tour, or luxury yacht and will be gone most of the day. Or that you will be having a private chef come in to cook a special dinner.

We advise following the noise ordinances. Don't hire a DJ or a band or blast the music. Try to keep the visitors down to a minimum and encourage everyone to be super respectful of the property and the furniture indoors. Please do not stomp on plants or puke in bushes. Try to leave the house as you found it. Be kind to still clean up the after-party mess, even though you pay a cleaning fee.

We recommend you and your party group pick up all the trash, bottles, and leftover items, strip the beds, and clean up after yourself. The less work for the cleaning crews, the better. Our goal is to make bachelorette parties more welcome to vacation rentals. This starts with you.

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