Posted on 17th December, 2017

Tips on How to Handle Your Stripper Money

As the CEO of Bad Boy Strip, Liz is an important figure in the exotic dancer industry, having appeared on many TV shows and radio shows.

While successfully managing the Bad Boy Strip party planning agency, she feels compelled to share some of her tricks with guys who would like to embrace stripping and build their exotic dancing careers this way.

Here are three tips through which you can increase your stripper earnings:

  • the drinking trick
  • the 10% rule
  • stripping for a purpose

Useful Tips for Strippers

The 10% Rule

Liz encourages strippers to save 10% of their money every night, whether they make $500 or $20. You will be pleasantly surprised when, after two years, you will find more than $10,000 under your pillow, which you can use for starting a business or for personal purposes.

The Drinking Trick

If you ever felt frustrated that you are invited to drink with your clients to earn more money, here is a solution. The idea is to ask for a Rum and Coke drink with a cherry. The waitress will then offer you Coke with a cherry inside, but without the rum, preventing you from being intoxicated.

This way, you won't have to worry about getting drunk just to convince people. However, you also have to be a good actor to make the clients believe you're drinking alcohol. In this way, you can make great money and remain sober. Your safety and family life are more important than getting drunk for cash.

Stripping For A Higher Purpose

Liz is the creator and the promotor of the "Stripping for Power" concept. The first thing you will learn while working at Bad Boy Strip is stripping for a higher purpose. You can work for our party planning agency and make money to start a nice business or pay for your education. It is proven that when you set a purpose for yourself, your earnings can double.

Contact us if you believe you have what it takes to be a successful Bad Boy.