Posted on 28th November, 2019

(Not)Embarrassing Questions at a Bachelorette Party!

A bachelorette party is a special milestone in every girl's life, so do it right. Find fun activities you always wanted to do with your besties. Bond, have fun, experience new things and create beautiful memories.

Your best friend's last fling before the ring should be something completely unique, something you came up with and it's your own idea.

There are tons of party games you can play at your best friend's bachelorette party that are just plain fun.

It's your party. Make it right.

At Bad Boy Strip, we've created fully customized Bachelorette Party Packages to make the whole planning easy for you. You can relax and go ahead to celebrate while we handle everything in the background. We will guide you through the whole process, so, your bachelorette party goes smoothly.

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Play The Not (too) Embarrassing Questions Game

This is one you'll always remember.

This game focuses on how well the guests know the bachelorette. It is simple and great fun to play. You need to have sheets with a number of questions about the guest of honor and give one to each guest, informing them that all questions should be answered by the time the hot stripper show starts. The bachelorette will answer the questions aloud, and each girl marks whether their answers are correct or not. The one with the most correct answers will receive a hot lap dance from the male exotic dancers.

Here are some questions you could use, but surely you have other challenging questions for the bride-to-be:

  1. What is the bachelorette's favorite drink?
  2. What is her favorite sex pose?
  3. What's her hottest fantasy with male strippers?
  4. What's her favorite love song?
  5. What's her favorite song for lovemaking?
  6. What is the most delicious aphrodisiac for the bachelorette?
  7. What's her favorite sexy lingerie to wear on the first night after the wedding?

Book Our Talented Bad Boys to Spice Up Your Party Games

1. Questions About the Groom - another bachelorette party game is when the bachelorette needs to answer the questions about the groom.

Here are some sample questions for your game:

  1. What does he find most attractive about you?
  2. Who is his celebrity crush?
  3. What is his favorite drink?
  4. What's his favorite place to go on the honeymoon?
  5. What is your favorite activity to do together?
  6. What is his most erogenous zone?

2. Play the Sexy Lingerie Game - each guest needs to bring a piece of sexy lingerie, then hang the lingerie around the room and have the bachelorette walk around the room and announce who she thinks brought each piece. If she's wrong, she drinks a cocktail. If she's right, the girls drink. After the party, the bachelorette keeps all the sexy lingerie.

Ladies, when you book Bad Boys for your party, get prepared for an incredible night of fun and plain wildness.

Enjoy The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Experience with Bad Boy Strip.