Posted on 25th August, 2020

Do Not Do This 1 Thing When Booking Strippers!!

Ladies, look, we understand you're looking for the best for your friend's bachelorette party. You want to be together with your closest friends, you want the finest food, the finest drinks, the coolest vacation rentals, the best activities, and, most important, the hottest male strippers for your event. It's something we hear all the time. You simply want the best.

Whether you're searching for a bachelorette party vacation rental in the San Diego area, a beautiful desert oasis near Palm Springs, or even a flaming yacht party in Miami, what you're actually seeking is the ideal bachelorette party location that can exceed all expectations.

We understand that you naturally want to pack this party with bridesmaids, the bachelorette, and all of her best friends. It'll be a legendary gathering of friends and good times, and basically, that's the entire purpose of a bachelorette party weekend.

Did you know that there is one terrible mistake that one makes at least once at a bachelorette party? For that reason, they will never be forgotten as the girl who made this spectacular blunder. Trust me! You really don't want to be that friend that turns an epic bachelorette party into a total fiasco, and I'm about to reveal a tiny secret to you.

Keep reading this, ladies, 'cause here you have it: the most awful bachelorette party flop ever! We're all hoping for the best when it comes to our best friend's bachelorette party, it's a sure thing. We all work at our best and prefer to play it with the best. But do you realize that not knowing this one important secret of what not to do can actually cause you to fail? Here's the deal: never order male strippers from Craigslist! Booking male strippers on Craigslist can be the number one epic fail for any bachelorette party weekend; I guarantee it. If you order male strippers from Craigslist, you will almost certainly fail. Would you like to know why?

Craigslist is full of unknown miscellaneous guys doing God knows what, and wherever they are, it's a sure thing that it's not going to end up with a legendary bachelorette party. I'm telling you this right now: say NO to Craigslist bachelorette party male strippers.

When You Book Strippers off Craigslist, This Is What Can Happen

  • The strippers never show up to the event. Epic fail.
  • The strippers are not actually the ones posted in the photos on Craigslist. Epic fail.
  • The strippers arrive at your party with a scary bouncer. Epic fail.
  • The stripper shows up but spends the entire time in the restroom. Epic fail.
  • The strippers have no clue what they are actually doing. Epic fail.
  • The bachelorette gets in serious trouble because of something the strippers did to her. Epic fail.

Sexy Bad Boys for Your Bachelorette Party

All of these can prove to be disastrous for a bachelorette party. You do not need this at all. Finding male strippers on Craigslist is the absolute worst thing to do! So, now that you know what not to do, we think you should contact us at Bad Boy Strip to see what spectacular things WE CAN DO for your bachelorette party.

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Call us right now to ask us all the questions you might think of! Then book only the best strippers and exotic male dancers for your event! It's best to book strippers from an agency that is eager to assist you. We can make it honorable for the maid of honor! We are PROS at Bad Boy Strip.