Posted on 23rd May, 2023

Best Bachelorette Party Packages in Miami

Awe-inspiring beaches, palm trees, and a city full of party hot spots to dance the night away, no wonder Miami is one of the top bachelorette party destinations. Ready to send your bestie to a happy married life with an epic single-life send-off?

No matter what you have in mind for your girls' getaway, this tropical paradise has all the excitement you need.

Ladies, we know you love to party, and we also know that you want to skip the stressful planning. Therefore we created fully customizable bachelorette party packages to make your bachelorette party planning as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Rent a luxury mansion
  2. Book our bachelorette party packages
  3. Hire Bad Boys to spice up the party

#1 Pool Party + Cabana Boys

What can be more relaxing than chilling in the pool with your besties, lounging on a huge floaty while sipping on your Mimosas? There are many great pool party spots in Miami, but if you prefer avoiding crowds, we have the perfect solution - a pool party in the backyard of your rental house. When you have the house, we can fill it with sexy Bad Boys. These handsome guys with sculpted bodies are pool party pros; they will take care of your poolside needs.

Here are some ideas on how to add some more excitement to your pool party:

#2 Bachelorette Party on a Pontoon Boat

Ladies, add some downtime to your busy bachelorette party agenda.

The bachelorette party on a pontoon boat is all about the sun, fun, and the ocean. Whether you opt for a day trip, a sunset tour, or a night party, you are on for a treat as soon as you get on board.

  • Rent a pontoon boat and immerse in the hot, tropical atmosphere of Biscayne Bay!
  • These pontoon boats have spacious upper decks, slides, and comfy seating arrangements and can fit groups of up to 12.
  • Bring your food and brews and book an eye candy Bad Boy butler to be at your service.

It will make your celebration a blast! Our bachelorette party groups love renting these pontoon boats, so book yours in advance for ultimate fun.

#3 Bottle Service at the Top Miami Clubs

Miami's glamorous nightlife scene ranges from upscale clubs to trendy rooftop bars. If your bestie's want to get wild, the city's top clubs are the best spots to make it happen.

Send your BFF to married life with style: bottle service at the top Miami clubs is a VIP full-service experience. Here's where we love to party in Miami:

When you book our Miami Bottle Service Package, you'll get the following: VIP entrance and table reservation, premium champagne and cocktails and world-class entertainment.

#4 Boozy Brunch + Bad Boys

Did you have too many cocktails at your gals' night out? A boozy brunch is the best way to beat the hangover blues. Miami's eclectic food scene boasts a wide array of phenomenal eateries, from upscale fine dining restaurants to fusion kitchen food trucks.

Enjoying your brunch while snapping some Instagrammable shots is wholesome fun, but we know another super fun way to start your day off right our breakfast strippers package.

Ladies, this bachelorette party package is a savory treat. Sexy Bad Boys will come to your party to serve your celebratory brunch. Rise and shine, ladies; when our Bad boys arrive, you are on for a hot treat:

  • high energy dance shows
  • breakfast served by hot shirtless butlers

#5 Spa Afternoon + Shirtless Butlers

Ladies, after all the wedding planning pressure, a pampering spa day is the best way to get you in tip-top shape. Whether you're looking for a whole spa experience or some beauty-specific treatments, you'll find plenty of options in Miami.

You can book an appointment at a luxury spa or keep the party private and bring the spa vibe to your place by booking massage therapists, mani-pedis, cosmeticians, and other beauty services.

Spice up your private spa day and make it a hit:

#6 Post-Wedding Bachelorette Party+ Bad Boys

Your bestie didn't get to enjoy her bachelorette party? No worries, throw a post-wedding party.

A wifelorette party may not be the traditional way to celebrate your bestie's single life send-off, but that does not mean it can't be a hit! Miami has all the fun you need for an epic party with your fave ladies.

Hire a couple of Bad Boys, and you'll get the ultimate bachelorette party experience:

  • high-energy interactive strip shows
  • naughty party games
  • wild adult entertainment
  • bachelorette hot seat

#7 Yacht Party + Bad Boys

Miami is the perfect place to get nautical. Enjoy the company of your fave ladies and the stunning scenery of Miami from board a luxury yacht. A bachelorette party yacht cruise in Biscayne Bay is wholesome fun. Yachts, the ocean breeze, and the company of the hottest Bad Boys are what you need for an epic yacht party.

  • Your cruise will take you around Miami's exquisite coastline while you swim, drink, and tan your day away.
  • Book a couple of Bad Boys to be at your service. Charming and insanely hot male entertainers are a great addition to your party.
  • Book a butler to start off the yacht party. These guys will mix your drinks, massage sunscreen into your skin, and mingle with your besties.

Taking Your Miami Bachelorette Party to the Next Level

Bachelorette parties in Miami are hard to beat. What will make yours a success? Choosing the best activities for your bachelorette party agenda can be challenging with so many options.

Let us help. We are here to make your party planning as stress-free as possible. We can customize our bachelorette party packages and supply your bash with the hottest entertainers:

  • male strippers
  • sexy bartenders
  • shirtless butlers