Posted on 14th April, 2022

Great Hangover Cures Delivered at Your Bach Party

Bachelorette Party? Wedding planners predict it will be a mega-party year for all the pent-up weddings on hold since 2020! Are you ready to make it happen? Be the best Maid of Honor by making sure your maids are pumped and energized to take on all the wedding activities you have in store to go down in history as the lit 2022 Bachelorette party.

Here are a few pro tips to get all your besties ready for the party time and bounce back for the big day!

You've ordered the drinks, the light snacks, and Bad Boy Strip, made it super easy to bring on first-class entertainment, but how do you go next-level fun and avoid total loss of a day from a hangover blues? Nothing more simple! Schedule your hangover solution today with IV Hydration experts. You have one chance to make this right and to do that; you want to bring in certified experts to set up your hydration drip of choice right at the party! And, yes, they come to your place.

Beat the Hangover Blues and Get Ready for More Fun

Bad Boy Strip partners with IVIE, a trusted mobile IV hydration business with operations in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, to deliver certified hydration services. With thousands of successful drips, IVIE's MD-led team of delightful RNs is ready to serve your next Bachelorette party. You deserve 100% to beat the hangover blues.

Step 1 - Research: What is the best drip for you? Check out The Top Three Bachelorette drips today:

  • Hangover
  • Immunity
  • Food Poisoning

Step 2 - Register: I.VIE Hydration at Bad Boy Strip. They book fast, so get it done today! Register your appointment, select your drip, and choose a date and time. That's it! And, hey, if you're new to this, no worries. we have all the answers to your questions listed on the site!