Posted on 3rd February, 2023

Galentine's Day Bachelorette Party Must-Haves

You have probably celebrated Valentine's Day before with flowers, chocolate, and a romantic date with your partner, but have you ever thought about celebrating Galentine's?

Valentine's Day Eve, known as Galentine's Day, is a great opportunity for celebrating platonic love and gathering your closest ladies to show them how much they mean to you. And if you combine this occasion with a bachelorette party, you get an extra fun and special event that calls for proper preparation.

February 13 is a perfect time for a naughty bachelorette party, as it's a symbolic and celebratory day for friendship and solidarity between women. You, ladies, have been through ups and downs; it's time to gather and celebrate your bond and throw an amazing single send-off party for your bestie.

And as always, we're here to provide you with the best ideas and spicy must-haves for a Galentine's Day Bachelorette Party that you won't forget.

Galentine's Day Sexy Bad Boys

A hot bachelorette party right on Valentine's Eve must have proper entertainment for the gals. And who spices up ladies' parties better than our seductive Bad Boys?

Prepare for a Galentine's Day party like no other before. Whether most of you, ladies, are single or not, fulfill your fantasies with Galentine's male strippers dressed up as Sexy Police Officers, romantic Latin Lovers, or Naughty Cowboys ready to sweep you off your feet. Escape the winter chills and let our eye candy hunks warm up your party!

If you want something milder but still keep the atmosphere sexy, you can choose a sweet and topless bartender to prepare your guest's drinks, flirt around, and make your Galentine's Day all about pampering.

So don't miss the opportunity to enjoy some young male performers at your Galentine's Day party or February Bachelorette party. You only live once; celebrate your friendship with every occasion!

Choose Your Galentine's Day Bachelorette Party Destination

Maybe you know who you want to invite for a Galentine's Day Bachelorette getaway but are not yet sure about the best party destination for this occasion. Well, we've got you, girl. Some of the most popular Galentine's Day Party destinations we absolutely adore are:

  • San Diego, California - with lots of sunny beaches to enjoy and local Bad Boys who are true romantic gentlemen. You can feel like a celebrity with your friends in a VIP party bus and tour some of the finest wineries and restaurants.
  • Miami, Florida - another destination full of sun and the fittest male entertainers you will find for Galentine's Day. Miami is one of the best places to enjoy a pontoon boat party while cute and sexy Bad Boys apply your sunscreen lotion.
  • Palm Springs, California - nothing says Galentine's bachelorette fun like a pink-themed rental house. You can spend your bachelorette getaway weekend at a private pool in Plam Springs, sipping fancy cocktails and enjoying some Nice Cabana Boys.

Bachelorette Party Airbnb or Mansion

If you want the full bachelorette party experience, you might need to search for a party-friendly rental where you and your party group can go wild. Some of the benefits of finding such a party rental, like a private mansion or Airbnb, are:

  • you can have fun and get creative decorating the place for your Galentine's Day Bachelorette Party
  • no need to worry about neighbors complaining
  • you'll enjoy a very private show bringing the strippers to your rental
  • you can safely drink as much as you want...responsibly
  • guests don't have to go home in the morning and can enjoy a relaxing drink by the pool
  • play lots of party games and fun activities uninterrupted

We know finding the ideal party rental is not easy, but it can be essential for throwing the ultimate Galentine's Day party and Galentine's Bachelorette party. That is why we make it easier to choose a suitable party house with our complimentary Rental House eBooks.

Bachelorette Party Cocktails with a Galentine's Theme

Have a heartfelt toast with your besties this Galentine's Day by choosing super cute and delicious cocktails for the party. You don't have to prepare these yourself; our topless bartenders are really experienced in pleasing ladies' taste buds.

Your party guests might love our cocktail recommendations:

  • Chocolate Martini - the only thing better than a box of chocolate on Galentine's Day is this cocktail that tastes like a heavenly dessert. It's made with chocolate liqueur, Baileys Irish cream, and some vodka to help you relieve some tension and relax.
  • Oklahoma Prairie Fire - this pink drink screams Galentine's Day! It's also perfect for a pink-themed Bachelorette party. Enjoy the sweet blood orange flavor and spicy, smoky mezcal.
  • Red Wine Sangria - let's not forget the wine lovers out there. Celebrate Galentine's Day with a Red Wine Sangria mixed with berries, cranberries, apples, or your favorite fruit.

Fun activities for your Galentine's Bachelorette Party

You can celebrate Galentine's Day in so many fun ways, from touring some wineries, clubbing all night, and having a fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant. But if you plan on renting a party-friendly house for a more private and special celebration, you might want to think about some activities you can enjoy at your rental.

Here are some ideas that may inspire you to keep the atmosphere exciting and fun for your Galentine's Bachelorette party:

  • prepare to swap Galentine's Day letters; let each other know how much you appreciate your friendship
  • enjoy a spa day pampering at your rental; our Bad Boys can give you a well-deserved shoulder massage
  • get your art supplies and sip some wine while painting and relaxing; get our male hunk entertainers to model for you, ladies
  • get some popcorn and watch your favorite cheesy rom-com together

Bachelorette Planning Service

When you want a hassle-free Bachelorette party for 13 February or just a fun and memorable Galentine's Day party, you can save time and effort by leaving professional party planners to do the magic for you.

Our Bachelorette Party Planning agency has been in this industry for more than 30 years. We've planned countless parties and know how to listen to what our clients need and exceed their expectations.

So do not hesitate to make planning your Galentine's Day party simpler and contact us for a customized party package, or check out our popular Bachelorette Party Packages: