Posted on 16th May, 2019

Deluxe Bachelorette Party at Clevelander Hotel

A bachelorette party is an important event in every girl's life. The bachelorette will remember it forever, and you have to make it right. So go and plan that amazing party which you'll be talking about for years.

The number one goal when organizing a bachelorette party is to have as much fun as possible with your besties. It's the girls' last getaway before the big day, so get the matching t-shirts, bikinis, and sunglasses ready and throw a bachelorette party in Miami.

The city is amazing, with tons of party spots, the guys are hot, and the ocean is simply fascinating. After the stressful wedding planning, the bride-to-be is ready to have fun.

If you've never planned a bachelorette party before, though, you might think it's an easy task, almost as easy as organizing a girls' night out but you'll be surprised that throwing a successful bachelorette party can be really overwhelming because you need to find the best venue, the best accommodation, the best programs and the best deals.

Avoid all the hassle and leave the whole thing to a pro to make sure your party will be perfectly planned and executed.

CEO Liz, Your Bachelorette Party Expert

We are Bad Boy Strip, and we love to party, but we also know how to throw the best party. We make the whole bachelorette party experience nice and easy for you.

Bad Boy Strip has set up premium, perfectly customizable Bachelorette Party Packages, and we can get you the best venues, the best accommodation, the best transportation, the best activities with our hottest exotic dancers, and the best deals.

Basically, Liz can get you the Ultimate Bachelorette Experience in Miami because she has the creativity, resources, professionalism, and vast experience to make that happen.

Deluxe Bachelorette Party at Clevelander Hotel

Make this day magical for the bachelorette and go for an exquisite bash at the Clevelander Hotel, in South Beach. One of the premier hotel properties in South Beach, the Clevelander Hotel is pretty spectacular. The place is amazing and the nightlife is world-class, but if your besties are all about the beaches and pool parties, you must take your party to South Beach.

Take your party to the Rooftop Terrace, enjoying all the poolside action from above to enjoy the cool ocean breeze and kick off the celebration.

With the Clevelander Hotel Bachelorette Party Package, you'll have:

  • On-Site Amenities include a pool to get that perfect tan for the wedding, a restaurant, a rooftop terrace, bars, and patio for grabbing some cocktails
  • The Perfect Location because Clevelander Hotel has a great location on Ocean Drive, right across from the beach, surrounded by top-notch restaurants and clubs
  • The hotel was recently fully renovated and now has beautiful Guest Rooms that are spacious but are also stylish; these guest rooms and suites have everything you need for your celebration
  • That cool and lively South Beach vibe that you'll always remember
  • Charismatic Bad Boys that get your party started, and they also keep it going for a long while

You have the perfect location for your party, and you have Liz to deliver the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in Miami, so get ready for an exceptional celebration with the girls.