Hosting your bachelorette party at a hotel is always fun. You gather your besties in the hotel for the night or bachelorette weekend. You and the girls can enjoy room service, valet, the hotel pool, bar and spa, and many other amenities. And, when picking a hotel, you can locate yourself in the heart of a downtown scene where you can easily get to all the bars and restaurants.

All our Bad Boys entertainers perform in hotel rooms, hotel suites, or penthouse suites. All male entertainers arrive in discrete clothes; they will look like any hotel guests with a set of luggage. We suggest having someone meet the Bad Boys in the lobby to assist them up the elevators to the room.

Please remember that there are other guests in the hotel and that loud parties often get complaints from the other guests. No matter what you do, you DO NOT want to get kicked out of the hotel. That would ruin the mood.

Here are our Bad Boy Strip Tips for partying it at a hotel:

  • When booking male strippers to a hotel party, have them arrive before you go out for the night. The best booking time is sometime between 6 PM-9 PM. That way, the noise from the party will disturb fewer hotel guests.
  • If you absolutely need to book male strippers after 12 AM due to your party itinerary, try to reserve a large hotel suite or penthouse for the night you want the entertainers to come over. Larger rooms can better handle both a crowd and more noise.
  • When you reserve the hotel suite, order food and beverages from the catering menu; that way, the hotel will know you are a valuable guest.
  • If party guests smoke on the balcony, keep the windows and doors closed to minimize the noise coming from the party.
  • If you get a complaint and there is a bouncer at the door, follow this tip: Invite the bouncer to see the show and give them a large tip, too. Let them know the show is almost over.
  • It's best to keep the bass turned down low. The bass in music carries through the walls and upsets other hotel guests.
  • Make sure your party guests are respectful in the hallways and do not scream or smoke there.

Following these simple Bad Boy Strip Tips will help you host a fun party at a hotel.

P.S.: Ask our booking agents for hotel recommendations. For example, Hardrock Hotel in San Diego is a hotel that loves to accommodate bachelorette parties. Where Omni Hotel in Gaslamp, you will get kicked out immediately with no refunds if you throw a party.