When you are looking for fun bachelorette party activities in Dallas and Austin, Texas, know that you can't go wrong with a party bike tour! It's a super fun party package that will allow you to relax, drink and chat with the ladies, pedal through the vibrant city streets, and create a memorable bash experience.

We have two party bike tour package options for you and your party guests:

  • The Austin Tour, with a bike capacity of 15 people and 3 bikes available
  • The Dallas Tour, with a bike capacity of 15 people and 7 bikes available

Whether you select a bachelorette bike tour in Austin or Dallas, know that both package options include a hot Bad Boy dancer of your choice who will entertain your guests back at your vacation rental, Airbnb, hotel, or private residence. Isn't that fun?

The Bachelorette Bike Tours + Bad Boys party package starts at $829, but don't hesitate to call our booking agents and get your custom party quote.

Hot Male Strippers for Your Bachelorette Party in Austin & Dallas

After a fun bike tour through the city, you can keep the party going with a sexy surprise for the bride-to-be: male strippers in Austin or Dallas who are pros at entertaining bachelorettes!

Our Bad Boys are carefully selected and trained. They know exactly how to put your bestie in the hot seat and make her blush and feel special. Bad Boys bring fun party games, lap dances, and very sizzling gyrations.

You can select the Bad Boy dancer you want to book from our portfolio (we'll send it to you when you call us), and they will come to your private residence, Airbnb, vacation rental, or even hotel suite.

And if your bestie getting married has this costumed stripper fantasy, our Bad Boys can surprise her with a show dressed as hot cops, manly cowboys, irresistible firefighters, or any outfit she wishes for.

You only do this once, so do it right with professional exotic dancers.