Did your wedding get postponed?

Bachelorette Party Canceled?

Does your friend need cheering up?

We will help you make her happy right now.

Simply order now to send her a custom male striptease video of your favorite Bad Boy. Add in your own personal message for him to act out on the video. We will have our Bad Boys film it, add a personal message, and email you a custom video within 72 hours.

How Does the Male Custom Video Strip Show Work?

Booking a virtual video is easy.

Bad Boys love to make you happy.

  1. Simply fill in the form with your customized message for our Bad Boys to act out. Example: Hi Jennifer, I am sad to hear your bachelorette party got canceled. I am here to cheer you up now. I put on this fireman costume because I heard you were hot.
  2. Once submitted, our booking manager will get in touch with you to help you choose your favorite Bad Boy to do the video.
  3. We can help you write a custom message the Bad Boys can act out.
  4. Then we go to the studio and start filming.
  5. Once your custom striptease video has been finalized, we will email or text you a link that you can share.
  6. The link stays live for 3 days. That way, everyone can enjoy it.

How Much Does a Male Custom Video Strip Show Cost?

Your virtual striptease video with Bad Boys will only cost you $125 per Bad Boy.

This includes:

  • Choice of a Bad Boy
  • Custom Video Message
  • Crafting Your Video Message
  • Choice of Themes Costumes
  • Custom Video Editing
  • Custom Video Delivered To You
  • Downloadable Link

It is that easy.

Simply fill out the form today.